Market studio giving Portlanders chance of success

June 30, 2017

Marlon Minott grew up in a musical household. The former vendor in the Port Antonio market in Portland sees music as a way of uplifting the youth from poverty.

When Hurricane Ivan hit Jamaica in 2004, its strong winds blew away the stock he was selling in the market. But as fate would have it, that misfortune led to the widening of the doors to his musical career. Of course, as if there was a magnet, persons with musical interests started gravitating to this quaint shack in the market. Overtime, he experimented with different personalities with varying degrees of talent.

He believes that music is an important avenue that gives the youth a chance to rise from poverty and make something of themselves, and so he provides that space.




And with the studio located in the centre of the market, there is some amount of excitement surrounding this little structure in the heart of the town, and he admits that he sometimes gets persons who are not necessarily serious about the work.

There are persons who are just caught up with the hype that is associated with being on shows and having a track on the radio.

He, however, finds solace in the fact that there are others who are dedicated and understand that being successful in the music industry takes hard work, dedication and even rejection in some cases.

He boasts of successes such as Versatile, and Iyara who are climbing the entertainment ladder, as he is extremely proud of having played a role in their achievements.

At present, he is very instrumental in entertainment in Portland working with a faithful set, namely Night Hawk, Wise Man, Icy Link and Brain. They make dubs, record ads, and give live performances.

Minott is convinced that music will never die and that there is enough room to introduce more persons while facilitating the growth of others.

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