Dann-I demands more reggae on radio

July 03, 2017
Jermaine Barnaby/ Freelance Photographer Danni-I


Reggae artiste Dann-I, is asking industry players to put more effort into the preservation of reggae music locally.

According to the Put In The Work, singer, Jamaica will not recognise the value of what it has, until its totally gone.

Radio stations like Hitz 92 FM, have recently been shedding more light on reggae music, however, Dann-I thinks Jamaican DJs ought to view reggae music as a mandatory genre in their juggling.

“Play the music pan di radio, because right now dem nah do it. No reggae song nah play…one day mi hear Tarrus Riley wid one of the baddest reggae tune and mi sey yes, this a certified hit and because it nuh get played it never happen. I am a big Chronixx fan and I salute what they have done, because his success is not normal,” he said.

According to Dann-I, “some stations in Jamaica don’t play reggae music at all and yet some stations in Europe play nothing but reggae music. So obviously it will grow in those places and decline here…see Rihanna dem a ride our rhythms and a go Billboard,” he said.

Dann-I is also batting for the return of reggae bands. He believes collective creativity creates better music, this he said pointing to The Wailers and more recent Chronixx and the Zinc Fence band. 

“One guy a beat a rhythm these days and a one man inspiration that. How can one man mek an entire rhythm a nuh rap this. We love when the thing compiled with different vibes and I have musicians that say they are ready for when I want to form my band,” he said.

The artiste, who was introduced to the music industry as the lead singer of popular boy band, 'Q', is now working with veteran artiste manager, Sunny Spoon, who is known for his work with I-Wayne.


Dann-I is also working with Alborosie, and his song, Put In The Work, joins the line-up at number seven on Alborosie's 12-track compilation rhythm titled, His Majesty. The rhythm also features Sizzla Kalonji, Mr Vegas, Gentleman, Alborosie, Christopher Martin and Yung Jr.

"This song is roots, and I always loved roots reggae because I am a fan of the bass…Dem give mi a real strength. Memba seh a Alborosie that, enuh. He could have picked anybody to be on his rhythm and him choose to put me on it, so mi grateful for that. When I post a video on Instagram, I typically see 200 views. But as mi put up this song it gone over 5,000 views in a few days, so that shows that I have something special," he said.

The 'His Majesty' rhythm compilation is currently being distributed by Greensleeves Records.

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