Vagina tightening procedure discounted for artistes

July 03, 2017
Stylist, Racquel Byles

Aesthetician and entertainment stylist Racquel Byles is offering recording artistes a discount on vagina tightening (non-surgical procedure) services at her company, Body Trendz.

According to Byles, who has styled Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Popcaan, among others, dancehall pays a lot of attention to the celebration of the vagina, therefore it is only right that artistes live by the lesson they preach.

"It's vaginal tightening, we don't want to pretty it up and call it vaginal rejuvenation. If you are appealing to the dancehall audience and a woman in the inner-city who have five kids, they won't literally know what is vaginal rejuvenation. We put it out there for what it is because women should not be ashamed of their vagina. It is a powerful thing and a wonderful thing because it brings life," she said.

The aesthetician also advised females to be bold with their bodies, instead of shying away from procedures out of the fear of being judged by society.

"Some persons don't want people to know because they don't want the world to know their flaws. We respect their privacy, and, as such, no identity of any artiste will be revealed. I have had even male artistes who have come to remove belly fat and they request confidentiality," she said.


Last five years


There are products available on the black market such as tightening creams. However, Byles said these creams are not as reliable as her tightening procedure which can last up to five years.

"The cream is more 'ratchet' and a temporary solution and it won't work for certain people with genetically loose vagina. With our procedure, we shrink the vaginal walls and regenerate collagen and elastin, which is usually lost during childbirth," she said.

For a limited time, Body Trendz will be extending a 40 per cent discount to all entertainers and mothers of four children and more.

"You might be shy at first to do the procedure, but after the procedure is complete, you can confidently sing a song and seh it tight fi true. Dancehall on a whole pays attention to the grip and girth of a female. So now, females can confidently know that they have their thing together and they are in the virgin's corner. We have had a couple of celebrities who have been coming for our services and they are the ones who have contacted us. We won't reveal the identity, but they're mostly females.

Body Trends also offers facials, massages, lashes, waxing, butt enhancement, laser treatment for acne, among other things. Artistes like Stacious and Shauna Chyn have already utilised some of their services.

According to Chyn, "I don't think I would need the vagina rejuvenation but you never know. I would get the butt enhancement and the belly fat removal though ... I have already done the belly reduction and it has worked. I lost some fat which was hanging close to my vagina."

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