Sumfest memories - Worrell King lives for Sumfest stage

July 05, 2017
File Woerrell King, stage manager for Reggae Sumfest 2018.
In this 2012 file photo, Johnny Gourzong (right) presents stage manager, Worrell Kingl with a long service award at the event's press launch at Iberostar in Montego Bay.

Worrell King has been the stage manager for Reggae Sumfest since the festival's inception.

"For 25 years, I've had so many memorable and non-memorable experiences, it's difficult to pinpoint," King told THE STAR.

And by all accounts, King's passion for the job has not decreased. The Reggae Sumfest's original stage manager still looks forward to each renewal of the festival, more specifically, the night which often proves to be his most challenging, Dancehall Night.

"My aim and my objective is to run a very tight schedule with all these artistes, to see the right presentation happening on this festival, because it is indeed a festival," King told THE STAR.

The Reggae Sumfest veteran said that he especially enjoys being in charge of that specific day of the festival, with the goal of opening and closing the performance stage on schedule.

"As the stage manager, with all these disciplined and undisciplined artistes, I've done it quite a few times," he said, recalling wrapping up Dancehall Night approximately five or six years ago on time.

"Those artistes that are professionally managed - and those are very few I have dialogue with their managers before the show. But you know you have some who say they are managers. [The artistes] want to take over the show. They want to come on and go off as they like. If you allow one artiste to do that ... you can imagine how much time them threaten me?" he offered.

Threats aside, King told THE STAR that the same dedication he has to the festival in the beginning remains to this day.

"I'm looking forward to the festival to be very successful, in terms of presentation, and being well attended, and give the promoter some more money, so it give him reason to stay," King said.

"I like working the festival. That's my life. I applaud Joe [Bogdanovich], to know that he has bought this festival and he is spending his money to make it work. So I will do everything in my power to make it look good."

Reggae Sumfest, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, will be held from July 16-22.

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