Malvo finds success with 'Give Thanks'

July 06, 2017
Singer Anthony Malvo (left) and veteran deejay Tiger.

Anthony Malvo has returned to the reggae charts, scoring a No.1 hit with his latest track, a reggae/gospel fusion entitled Give Thanks, produced by Tony English and Daddy Earl on the Omari International label.

Give Thanks is doing very well on the South Florida Top 25 Reggae Chart, reaching No.1 and staying there for weeks after it was released on May 12.

Recorded on the Good Good Loving rhythm, Give Thanks is also doing well in New York, residing in the top 10 playlists of two different radio stations.

"I always try my best to create music that will have a positive impact on this generation of reggae music fans and the generations to come," Malvo said. "I'm very pleased to see that people are still receptive to good music. It feels really good to have another No.1 song. I'm grateful to God for all the success that I am enjoying."

The hard-working entertainer is in the process of shooting a video for the song.

"The video is currently in the early stages of production. I plan to release it as soon as it's edited, hopefully by the second week of July," he said.

Known for hits from the late '80s such as Come Back to Me (a collaboration with Tiger), Malvo is scheduled to perform in the US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean later this year.

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