Orisha Sound and Spice Diana go Afrobeat

July 06, 2017
Orisha Sound

Recording artiste Orisha Sound has collaborated with Spice Diana for a summer-inspired record called 'Title'.

The record was produced by Uganda-based producer Herbert Skillz Soundmakers and Jamaican producer Shel-K, and sees the artistes dabbling with the increasingly popular Afrobeat genre popularised by Drake and Wiz Kid.

"Afrobeat is the new wave; it is a mix of international music, African sound and Caribbean, so it always wins over the hearts of music lovers because of its dynamics," publicist Noel Mack told THE STAR. "Just like dancehall, Afrobeat has been sampled a lot overseas in recent times, and that has been good as it relates to the growth of the genre. The tempo is also fitting for dancehall juggling, and so we have seen where a lot of dancehall acts have been going this route as well."

A video for Title was directed by Black & Yellow Entertainment and Hasz Media Expectations and shot in Uganda, Jamaica and Russia.




Mack noted that the decision to capture footage for the video in different international locations was to draw light to the fact that the record is intended to be an international hit.

"We want to send a message from the get go that this is a world song. By getting the video done in these locations, each region will feel a sense of connection with the record and hopefully that will assist in its potential to become a major hit," he said.

Orisha Sound said the record is already a fan favourite on tour.

"We are actively touring, and I have very strong and active social media following. We just completed a three-month tour in Russia, UK, Germany, Georgia, Belarus and the song has been raising eyebrows. The style of our project combines elements of reggae, ragga, jungle, dancehall and dance music. We are basically two electrifying artistes who have decided to join forces to create a major track," Orisha Sound said.

Orisha Sound also plays over 15 instruments.

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