Glasses have Superman disguise effect - OMI's style wins him cheerleaders

July 10, 2017
OMI in performance.

OMI has the certified gold album 'Me 4 U' and multi-platinum selling single 'Cheerleader', to his credit. After 'Cheerleader's' explosive success and his image became recognisable, the artiste presented to the public a portrait of sharp, casual clothing expression.

During his musical climb, OMI's style has grown distinct, with the perpetual inclusion of hats and sunglasses.

The consistently calm and cool OMI told The STAR that, like Clark Kent (superhero Superman's alter ego), he relies on glasses to change his look. "It's like a superhero situation. When I don't have them on, people take while to recognise me. I used to laugh at Clark Kent and say he's so stupid, using glasses hide his identity, but it's the same effect. But I am no Superman, I'm afraid of heights," the singer joked.

OMI's steady climb to international success was carefully crafted, with great attention to detail, and it's with this attitude that he curates his personal style. "I do have a stylist, but I have a fairly good fashion sense. I would never go shopping off a mannequin. I like very unusual pieces. I would see a mannequin and only take a necktie or handkerchief from it. I have an eye for detail. I know what works and what doesn't," he told The STAR.


Discomfort reflect


Even with the services of a stylist, OMI remains instrumental in deciding his final look, a practise he advises other popular personalities to employ. "We have to be working in unison in terms of ideas. The stylist has to know you - what you're going to be comfortable in. The person has to feel comfortable, because discomfort reflect on you, especially when making public appearances. Even if you going outside of the comfort zone, know your limits and you can develop with your stylist over a period of time," he advised.

Though not ready to venture there himself, OMI agrees that the move from music into fashion and design is a natural one. "They go hand in hand. It's a passion being an artiste, not just recording. I draw, I paint, I design. It would be an organic segue. I love fashion, but it's all about timing and the label by extension," he said.

If OMI does make the clothing line move it would be, "more likely, timepieces, watches, kits, footwear, or something like that."

He was recently in London laying down tracks for his second album. "We're heading for triple platinum with the second one," he affirmed.

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