DeCapri confident about 'My Time'

July 13, 2017

United States-based dancehall artiste DeCapri has unleashed the visuals for his latest effort, 'My Time'.

In this song, the deejay sings of his musical progress, reiterating that it is his time to shine in the music business. The video brings the lyrics of the song to life and shows DeCapri having a good time and enjoying his progress.

"I have had a love affair with music from as long as I can remember. More recently, I have been getting a lot of good feedback and attention, especially in South Florida and Jamaica, especially with the release of the video. This song is befitting because it is my time to make it in the business," said DeCapri.

The video was officially released in May and can be seen on various local stations. It has also made its way on to several music countdown charts and has racked up quite a number of views on YouTube.

It's been quite the journey so far for DeCapri and he is looking to further establish his brand by pioneering new movements and new sounds in his music.

"I am always building, always looking for the next move. Right now I want to keep this momentum going and supply the demand for good-quality music."

My Time is produced by Greg Fusionz and is available for purchase on iTunes and other digital platforms.

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