Raging Fyah invests in Everlasting Kush

July 13, 2017
Raging Fyah

Grammy-nominated reggae band, Raging Fyah, has joined the growing list of ganjapreneurs. The band is to invest in the marijuana industry with their Indica dominant Kush strain named 'Raging Fyah's Everlasting Kush'.

"It's a million-dollar industry and it provides many job opportunities and health benefits to many," says Raging Fyah's lead singer, Kumar Bent. "I really hope the Jamaican government comes forward and is willing to talk about Jamaica's future in the legal world of cannabis," he continued.

Raging Fyah's Everlasting Kush is already available on the shelves at Elite Organics in Fort Collins, Colorado. As production increases, it will sell to other dispensaries in Colorado. Since marijuana is still illegal federally in the United States, the products are unavailable outside the state of Colorado.

"We signed a major deal with Elite Organics in Colorado to create an Everlasting Kush strain of herb products and seeds for sale to consumers in Colorado," Kumar said of this recent partnership.

"The strain, aptly named after our Grammy-nominated album Everlasting, is now available in store at Rock and Robins Music and Medical Marijuana shop in Fort Collins. It's also the first store in America which is both a record shop and marijuana sanctuary."

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