'Ignorant' Ishawna upsets Miss Lou supporters

July 14, 2017
Miss Lou

Ishawna has caused controversy again.

This time, the Equal Rights singer took a slight jab at legendary poet and cultural icon Miss Lou, rubbing several fans negatively.

Ishawna posted a photo of herself on her Instagram page, wearing an outfit which revealed sections of her breasts and belly.

However, what was disturbing to some viewers, was her caption which described Miss Lou's usually African-inspired clothing as "tablecloth".

"Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou. #RipMissLou" she wrote.

THE WEEKEND STAR contacted her publicist to get a comment. However the individual declined to speak.

Several disgruntled viewers took to her page demanding an apology, while others levelled insults at the singer, including about her sex life.

"Icon Miss Lou should never be referred to in this way, but you don't know better ... I know it's all about attention, but not all attention is good. But for you once people talk, it's good enough for you. Now you are getting it so don't complain b#*@h," one very upset fan wrote under Ishawna's picture.

Even former university lecturer and media personality Ragashanti chimed in to voice his disgust. The controversial host who broke the story about Ishawna, Skatta Burrell and Foota Hype's love triangle in 2014, took his grouse to social media.

"Mi always defend yuh ... tek nuff cussing fi yuh, but yuh cross di line ya suh B. Yuh just cyah have our esteemed, national treasure Miss Lou inna dem loose talk deh. Yuh wrong!" he wrote.




Ragashanti said he does not believe Ishawna fully understands the iconic significance, importance and history of Miss Lou, and advised her to issue a press release with a sincere and honest apology.

Culture Minister Olivia 'Babsy' Grange told THE WEEKEND STAR that Ishawna is ignorant to her history.

"She is very disrespectful and she doesn't understand our culture and how it evolved. It is most distasteful and I hope she apologises," she said.

Fae Ellington also called Ishawna's action shameful.

"I believe that popularity can make monsters out of some of us and when that is coupled with ignorance, it can make you utter complete nonsense. Because you are popular does not mean you are informed. She has no idea that it is the national fabric and something should be done about our young people who are influential to others. To take step and liberty of Miss Lou, a national icon that made the Jamaica patios that you are using, acceptable both locally and internationally, is a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself," she said.

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