Maga Hundred aims for summer hit with 'Level Up'

July 14, 2017
Maga Hundred


New Jersey-based promoter-turned-dancehall artiste Maga Hundred has entered the ring of songs seeking to impact the summer and beyond following the release of his single 'Level Up'.

The artiste, given name Courtney Johnson, is widely known for his Tri-state event BottlesR'Us.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR, "The song is creating a buzz for the summer in the Tri-state area and is making rapid moves locally. It has some edgy dancehall lyrics laid on a nice hip-hop beat, which has heads nodding."

His publicist, who goes by her Twitter handle Sassysemmapr, said she believes in the song and hopes it will connect with the masses as it has a strong message.

She said: "The song is designed to motivate persons to work and achieve their goals. A person's bread and butter is not secured unless he or she works for it, Marcus Garvey told us."

Maga Hundred said he was inspired to pen a song of this nature.

"My haters, when they say I can't do something, I just get it done and leave them speechless," he said.

A video for the song will be premiered soon, and, according to Maga Hundred and his team, fans can expect a lavish setting, showcasing his lifestyle.

Level Up is available on all digital platforms.

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