MC Nuffy excited about first Sumfest

July 14, 2017
MC Nuffy during an interview at THE STAR'S offices at North Street, Kingston yesterday.

Popular MC Nuffy is gearing up for his first Sumfest. According to the jovial MC, who will work on sound clash night, he hopes his performance will translate into him being added to the festival's stage.

The MC said he is prepared for sound clash night and patrons should expect a world-class display.

"Me and the promoter good. A mi friend that. In this music business it is sometimes a game of politics and you don't always get your due. I know my service is needed because Nuffy is the show and I make the show work. I feel good to know that the promoter is my associate and I will show the rest of MCs how to handle a show," he said.

Come Thursday, MC Nuffy and Boasy Boy Floyd will be the referees in the middle at Reggae Sumfest's Heavyweight Sound Clash at Pier 1 in Montego Bay, St James. The clash will feature Tony Matterhorn, No Limit Sound, Warrior Sound International, Yard Beat and Soul Beat. Black Chiney and Bishop Escobar will be special guests.

MC Nuffy also said he would be bringing his own dub plates to the sound clash.

"I am bringing my 'A' game and a different flavour, but I won't give everything away. People want flavour and energy, and I have that naturally. I don't even plan my sets. I just go, and based on the action of the people in the audience, I entertain," he said.

MC Nuffy said he would want the opportunity to work during one of the two main show nights at Catherine Hall, St James.

"Mi want a piece of dancehall night, but the energy I will bring to sound clash night will make them want some of that same energy on dancehall night. Mi know sey mi a guh impress them. I am the roughest and toughest MC in Jamaica," he said.

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