'Obvious superstars' - Alaine describes Rising Stars finalists

July 14, 2017
Terri-Karelle Reid, host of the Digicel Rising Stars show (centre), joins the first seven finalists for a photo after the show's first airing for the season. The contestants are (from left) Touriss, Anthonia Atkinson, Short Boss, Jasmine Collins, Qurious, India Celine and Faizon Brown.

Judge Alaine said the first seven of 14 'Rising Star' finalists who graced TVJ studios last Sunday night have starlike qualities.

"I think we have a set of obvious superstars before us this season," Alaine said.

Anthonia Atkinson, Touriss, Jasmine Collins, Qurious, Faizon Brown, India Celine and Short Boss are competing for the right to be called Digicel Rising Stars champion.

"I could see the nervousness in some contestants, but others were just hungry for it, and that was really exciting to watch. We definitely have a lot to look forward to this season. They just need to come out of their shells, but it's definitely a huge promise."

The remaining seven finalists will take their turn in the spotlight this Sunday night on TVJ, starting at 8pm.

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