Real Entertainment to expose new talents this summer

July 14, 2017
Raia J

Real Entertainment is hosting an event called the 'REP-VIBZ Muss Buss artiste', which is expected to draw attention to up-and-coming talents in the Jamaican music industry.

The organisers have also collaborated with the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) to educate young acts on the importance of copyright.

It is also a requirement that each participating artiste register their names before taking part in the initiative, which will run all summer and concludes with a concert in New Kingston.

"A lot of young artistes feel as though they have been blindsided by radio stations and disc jocks. So we are trying to give them a chance to showcase their talent. Anybody can be included in the concert and they are being asked to send in their information. We have an email address which is Artistes can send copies of their songs, pictures and biographies to us," RE TV's Real Talk host and member of the organising team, Raia J, told THE WEEKEND STAR.

All artistes who are selected will be paid to perform at the Rep Jam Mini concert to be held on August 4. In the weeks leading up to August, each artiste will also be featured in a 10-minute slot on a popular local radio show.

As for the collaboration with JIPO, Raia J noted that music is a business and artistes should manage their brands from the inception.

"Artistes tend to wait until they get a hit, but that is not the way it ought to be because when you have the hit you should be ready to hit the road for tours," she said.

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