Stone Love's Gugu Mental supports the 'new Sumfest'

July 15, 2017
Gugu Mental

Young Stone Love selector Gugu Mental is set to leave his mark at Reggae Sumfest this year at 'Passa meets Weddy Weddy' on Wednesday.

The organisers of Sumfest have decided to pay homage to both events, since they were pivotal in the rise of contemporary dancehall culture.

"Weddy Weddy is a major event which pulls tourists to Jamaica, and Passa Passa was one of the major downtown events. It's a different vibe where people can get to listen to sound systems. The theme for Sumfest is 'Our Music, Our Festival'. So I feel they are just trying to bring the real dancehall vibes to the thing because not everybody wants the stage show vibes," said Gugu Mental.

He said playing on a sound system gives a selector more experience and more leverage as it relates to musical depth.

"You have to learn how to be versatile and know the music because it's not only top 10 songs alone play sound system. Every selector's dream is to play for Stone Love and we are a brand. Gugu Mental brings style and flavour and I will be taking it to another 20 years at Stone Love," he said.

The selector, who will set sail for the Turks and Caicos after Sumfest, told THE STAR that being on a Sumfest line-up means much for one's brand.

"This is a personal accomplishment for me as a selector. It is a lot of exposure and kinda like a Grammy for an entertainer. It makes you step up to higher heights. Also, I like the new Sumfest because it promotes our music and gives our acts more time to showcase their talents," he said.

Stone Love recently returned to the island from a tour of Japan.

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