Kibaki eyes long-awaited success with 'Mama'

July 18, 2017

Talented dancehall artiste Kibaki is overjoyed about the tremendous response to his latest single, 'Mama', on the Sweet Music label.

The artiste, who has been searching for his break for over 14 years, believes this record could finally be the one.

"The feedback's incredible so far; everybody ah ask mi about a video for the Mama song. People ah respond to it, and when it drop on the radio, people ah go crazy over it, so the video ah the next thing inna the pipeline," he said.

Another single, the bouncy Smooth and Easy, is also in rotation on FM radio.

"I have just recorded a combination with Singing Sweet which will be mixed, so the work ah put in," he said

He believes that his career is finally taking off because he just inked a recording and booking deal with US-based label DMG.

"People knew that I had the talent, but I never got the promotion. But now mi have the platform to get full promotion. That happened because I have been signed to a label for the first time, and getting a whole team - publicist Internet marketing, booking agent - to make the thing work. An artiste cannot speak for themselves, it is important to have proper management," he said.

He is booked for a show in Grants Pen in August, and another show confirmed for St Mary.

Kibaki recorded his first song in 1999. In 2002, he gave up professional club football for music. He continued to record music, scoring minor hits with Jah Jah Never Fail I Yet, which was produced by popular 'riddim' makers, Daseca, in 2010, and another single, Jah Jah Children Beware.

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