After 'One Drop', Venomus rises again

July 19, 2017

Reggae artiste Venomus is getting relative attention for his latest single, 'Rise Again', featuring Jahvante, which has been generating major airplay on FM radio over the past two months.

"'Rise Again is one of the hottest reggae songs in rotation in Jamaica right now. Big up Team Shella, Hotta Ball, DJ Banka, Fyah Bigs, Boom Boom, CD Fantasy, the streets ah support the song, and the radio ah bun up ... it's a great look," the artiste, whose real name is Ishmael Thompson, said.

He will be shooting a music video for the single later this month. The buzz in the streets has landed him a spot on the Pepsi Refresh tour, and he will be making an appearance on the next tour dates in May Pen and Spanish Town this weekend.

Venomus, who first came to attention for his work on the popular One Drop single, is experiencing a huge boost in the reggae world with Complicated and Rise Again.

Rise Again, on the Sasaine Music label, was released in April, while Complicated was released on the Dejavu Label in late March.

"Mi feel good to know that the Rise Again song is doing so well, because the song has a greater personal meaning for me because of the amount of fight me get, and mi still a persevere to Rise Again," he said.

He recently released a popular mixtape with the singles, and he is currently working on his first album, titled Complicated, slated to be released early next year.


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