EarthKry embarks on 'Survival' tour

July 19, 2017

After releasing their debut album 'Survival' in June to rave reviews, reggae band EarthKry is set to hit the road for their Summer 2017 Tour, which will see them travelling across two continents.

The band has already performed in Massachusetts and Chicago in support of the album, and is now looking to grace different venues in Cincinnati, Ohio, and New York City.

"Those two first shows were filled with nuff love. Big respect to the people for great shows. When music hits ain't no pain. Thank you to everyone who is supporting us. We truly believe that music has the power to heal and unite, and with every show we are more convinced than ever," EarthKry member Phillip Mcfarlane said.

Other members of the band include Kieron Cunningham, Kamardo Blake and Aldayne Haughton.

The band is also booked for events in North Carolina and Virginia Beach before heading off to Europe for the Reggae Jam (Germany) and Reggae Geel (Belgium) festivals.

According to publicist Malaika, the album is laced with authentic reggae music and is poised to be one of the standouts of 2017.




"The album itself is a fine blend of real, authentic roots rock reggae from start to finish. As the saying goes, 'it's all killers and no fillers', and shows a high level of maturity in terms of production and lyrical content. Live instrumentation is in abundance and is a real throwback to the times with bands like The Wailers," she said.

The album was self-produced by the band, and according to the publicist, the body of work is Grammy-worthy.

"This project will catch any roots rock reggae fan's ears immediately because of its beautiful and rich type of sound, as well as the messages. This band has been around for several years and I think they have really come of age," she said.

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