Masterkat Productions releases Raw Moon rhythm

July 20, 2017
Lutan Fyah
Anthony Cruz

Masterkat Productions continues its musical journey with the release of its latest project, the Raw Moon rhythm.

The rhythm compilation was officially released last month.

Richard 'DJ Kat' Anderson said this project is expected to make its way into the European market in the coming months.

"It is made up of tracks that each listener can relate to and it gives off that authentic reggae vibe that our fans abroad appreciate," said DJ Kat.

The compilation features artistes such as Cocoa T (Raw Moon), Lutan Fyah (Mama Don't Cry), Cobra (My Girl), One Third (Holding Back The Years), and Anthony Cruz (Let It Burn).

"Each artiste featured on this compilation delivered. It was a pleasure working with them and it is a refreshing feeling to produce good music that fans can enjoy. The public is showing great support and I am thankful for the positive feedback this project has been getting. The album has amassed over 50,000 streams online, and currently, I am focused on making my mark within the music industry with this rhythm," Shared DJ Kat.

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