Sonsie X to release new projects

July 20, 2017
Sonsie X

Spoken-word artiste and dub poet Sonsie X is looking to successfully close out 2017 with her soon-to-be-released single, 'Dear Desire'.

The single was produced by Q and Koo Waise from Annax Entertainment.

"After releasing Special Announcement, I wanted to change things up and give my listeners something soulful and sexy. Special Announcement leans more to the social injustice side while Dear Desire leans more to the passionate side," said Sonsie X.

The single which is set to be released in December. Sonsie X is also working on her book, I Am Empress, which is set to hit the shelves by October.

She said it is a collection of poems and excerpts, "an analytical approach on how society embraces and views issues and taboos as a whole.

"The book seeks to stimulate and invigorate the mind. It is composed in a way which will open up a person's way of thinking about how they view certain issues. It promotes royalty and teaches women to embrace themselves, sex, religion, family, friendship, education and their sexuality," she said.

Sonsie X said she has an album in the works.

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