Boxer-turned-artiste goes for reggae success

July 21, 2017

Professional boxer-turned-reggae artiste Krueshef believes that being a boxer has prepared him mentally for the rigours and challenges of the music industry.

According to the artiste, who was born in St Croix, music takes much mental strength.

"Being a boxer and a singer are complementary. Both come in handy because you have to be fit mentally, physically and spiritually to attempt both; and both keep me grounded. In the gym, they used to always call me a choir boy because I would always be singing after my sparring sessions. So you could say I have a split personality," Krueshef said.

Krueshef competed in the middleweight division, scoring four wins, including two KOs, and was also a member of the US Olympic boxing team in 2004.

He said boxing is probably the most inspiring of all sports, citing the numerous fighters' remarkable rags-to-riches stories of overcoming utter poverty, tragedy and other odds to becoming multimillionaire stars.

"Boxing requires an extreme work ethic that goes on in training camp and for fighting all 12 rounds with all your heart, like a true champion should. This is a sport that prepares you for the world of music," he said.

Krueshef recently performed at US-based event 'Coast to Coast', which got him in contact with legendary music producer Duane 'Da Rock' Ramos, who has produced tracks for the Loxx, Nicki Minaj, and several others.

He has also shared stage with hip-hop personalities such as Jason Derulo, Bobby Brackins, and DMX.

"My musical styling and network have evolved over time. I have a desire to spread knowledge to the youth, and I can deliver the music with a smooth groove to please the older crowd. I have also won a lot of fans for my Bounty Killer and Merciless impersonations, but right now it's all about originality and pushing my art to the highest level," he said.

The singer is currently adding the final touches to his latest album Introspective, which will be released later this year.

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