Hot vibes at Wet Desires

July 21, 2017
Scenes during Wet Desires held at Go Hard Car Wash, located in Riverton Meadows, recently.

Team Russian, a group of dancers based in Kingston, applied the heat at the Wet Desires water party at the Go Hard Car Wash, Riverton Meadows recently.

Teacha Movements sound system and the talkative DJ Sigar gave the women what they wanted, to 'bruk out' and the event benefitted tremendously from a high energy period of dancing and reveling.
Promoter Gamar, who is a part of the Go Hard Family, was pleased with the outcome of the first party in charge of proceedings.

"The party went as expected and I'm pleased with the overall look considering that it's the first  staging," he said. "Everyone in attendance had a blast and that was our intention. The event was filled with fun and packed with excitement but as you would expect with any other event it had it challenges. We identified all the areas we need to improve for the next staging."


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