House of Dancehall launches SloWhine during Independence

July 21, 2017
Merritone family member Craig 'Young Lion' Ross.

House of Dancehall's SloWhine aims to 'make man and woman dance again'.

Committed to bring dancehall from 'buss blanks' back to man and woman, the venue will host a free street dance on Sunday, August 5, at 6 Cargill Avenue in Half-Way Tree.

"Some of the new music today is not geared to men and women dancing, and like the Beres song says, people 'miss those days' and we are bringing them back at Independence and every Sunday ... the mood will be sexy and cool." said Keecha Gooch, chief operating officer of the Whirlwind International Group, owners of the House of Dancehall's SloWhine.

"Yes, it's Independence, so we going to 'drop foot' and celebrate with Merritone's upbeat music, and slow dance to (songs from) Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and Teddy P, from selector Alanzo Hawk," she said.

The mighty Merritone is still the sound of choice for old hits and House of Dancehall expects the massive turnout that other venues like Turntable Club and Waterfalls would see when they are booked.

Alanzo Hawk's amazing fun-filled set at Bounty Killer's recent birthday party shows he knows how to entertain a crowd, whether oldies or millennials.

Partygoers who have visited the House of Dancehall know it is a mix of Rae Town, Front Line and the community dance all in one, with authentic Jamaican food.

Even the cuisine has a 'yard' feel, as House of Dancehall has its own jerked chicken pan, 'jelly and cane man.'

"It should be a grand old-time Independence, ... with SloWhine specials," Gooch added. "We have five delicious flavours that caters to every mood depending on the mood. We expect the All-Nighter (one of the signature drinks) to be a big seller that night."

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