Tom Laing rides 'Kings Highway'

July 21, 2017
@Normal:Tom Laing

Reggae singer Tom Laing is all smiles as his single, titled 'Kings Highway', continues to grow in popularity.

The Donni Marshall-produced track has registered on several reggae charts, including the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 30 Reggae Singles Chart, where it is currently sitting in the number 11 position.

In New York, the song is number 12 on the Foundation Radio Network Top 30 Music Chart, while, in Florida, it is sitting in the number 21 spot on the South Florida Top 25 Reggae Singles Chart.

The video for Kings Highway is also doing well as it is currently number eight on the Fi WI Choice Chart and number nine on the Blacker Top 20 Music Countdown.

The Trench Town-born singer is pleased with the success of the single.

"I'm thrilled with the response that my song is getting. I am grateful for all the support I'm receiving," Laing said.

Earlier this year, the easy-going singer visited Jamaica to launch his Love Is OK EP and conduct a month-long promotional tour.

"I was on the island a few months ago, and the response I received during my visit was overwhelming. I am looking forward to returning very soon," he said.

Tom Laing is also preparing to drop a brand new single next month, titled She's a Winner.

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