Devin's father is his biggest supporter

July 22, 2017
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer Devin Di Dakta's performing at Reggae Sumfest 2017.

Grammy-nominated and billboard charter Devin Di Dakta wrote a heartfelt letter to his father, which he read out while performing at Sumfest on Friday night.

You might have guessed correctly that Devin's dad is his biggest supporter.

"If me say me want to fly me father go get a pair a wing," the artiste told THE STAR earlier this year.

That very theme came out in the letter on Friday night.

"When depression pressure, frustration a try throw me off, yuh tell me fi just relax me mind and hone me craft. Daddy, me swear pon me life as me hold the cross, me a go mek yuh proud til me soul tek off," he said.

Devin Di Dakta referred to his father as his only kind, his don and his only boss, and said he has been his light and strong tower during his difficult moments. He said that his father worked hard and sacrificed much for his family, and hailed him as "the best of the best".

"A true yuh a di best me affi boast bout it," Devin Di Dakta read, while disclosing that he now has a baby on the way.

Devin Di Dakta's father, Anthony Escoffery Clarke.



1. They both have the name Anthony Escoffery Clarke.

2. Devin's father told him that talent is way more important than image.

3. Devin got the nickname 'Soupy' because his father sold soup at St Mary High School gate.

4. Although he had a passion for music, Devin was not allowed to roam the streets freely.

5. Devin grew up in Highgate, St Mary. He attended St Mary High School and graduated with eight CSEC subjects, including mathematics and English.


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