Spice delights Bartlett's eye

July 24, 2017
Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett (left) and Director of Tourism, Paul Pennicook at Reggae Sumfest 25 in Montego Bay, St James..
Spice performing on Friday night at Reggae Sumfest, Carherine Hall Entertainment Centre, Montego Bay, St James.
Spice (left) takes hold of a Japanese fan who came on stage on Friday night at Reggae Sumfest, Carherine Hall Entertainment Centre, Montego Bay, St James.

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett Edmund Bartlett has heaped praises on dancehall entertainer Spice. She is the act that left a lasting impression on him at this year's Reggae Sumfest.

On Saturday's final night of the event, he gushed about the artiste.

"Dancehall Night was outstanding for two reasons. One, I think we really hand some very powerful performances; and Spice, with all her raunchiness, is an entertainer par excellence, and I think that she got good credits for her quality performance. If you get beyond the lyrics, the performance was first class," Bartlett said.

"I really did enjoy the performance of Spice. She excelled in terms of sheer artistry, and there were other good performances. But Dancehall Night was rich, overall, and the turnout was very, very powerful ... . Tonight is also quite good, and it is a very good turnout that we have as well. We just listened to Stephen Marley and Capleton in a very rich and very highly produced segment," he added.

Bartlett was impressed by the massive turnout on Dancehall Night, which many longstanding Sumfest patrons say was perhaps the largest ever in the 25-year-old festival's history. Bartlett is one of them as he said, "I think this is one of the best Sumfest that I have attended, and I have been attending from the last 25 years, from day one.

"I don't know, but I think it was the largest crowd that we have ever had for a Dancehall Night in the history of these performances at this event. I left at 4:23 a.m., so I did not get all the big boys like Alkaline, and so forth, but the performances that I saw, I enjoyed," Bartlett said.

Partnerships are on the minister's mind. "I think that Reggae Sumfest is morphing into a truly authentic reggae product, and Joe Bogdanovich and I have been in discussion in building out this product so that we can have three events like this annually and we market by way of a package, where you tie in hotel rooms and airlift with the event - and we do that across the globe," he said.

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