Strictly 2K takes on New York

July 27, 2017
These promotional girls were gearing up to dance up a storm at the last staging of Strictly 2K.

Following the successful second staging of Strictly 2K: Best of the 2000s, the promoters, ZJ Chrome and Jamrock Entertainment Management (JEM), have decided to bring the event to the Jamaican diaspora, beginning with the Big Apple.

Slated for September 30, the event will be held at the Garage Nightclub in Bronx, New York, and will feature the musical energy of ZJ Chrome, DJ Madout and DJ Keemy.

The organisers believed it was the right time to tap into the US market, as dancehall's influence and the love of Jamaican culture continues to grow.

"At this point in time, Strictly 2K is actually one of the hottest events," said organiser ZJ Chrome.

"The team did the research and we found that the Caribbean community has long desired an event of this nature and with this particular concept."




Although the event features two American-based DJs, JEM's communications director, IB Konteh, has given assurances that the event will be a predominantly Caribbean party.

"Though there will be a strong representation of Jamaican music, Strictly 2k New York will feature other genres such as soca, hip hop and R&B as well," Konteh said.

"Strictly 2K is a product of Jamaica and, as such, we will ensure that we present an atmosphere that depicts the culture and the same vibe that was enjoyed in Kingston."

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