Vogue praises Spice's style — Magazine calls deejay 'Fashion Forward Queen of Dancehall

July 28, 2017
Kingsley Cooper

Grace Hamilton, more popularly known as Spice, is still riding high from her raunchy performance at Reggae Sumfest 2017. Adorned in gold bedazzlement and chains, the daring dancehall entertainer has come away from the stage show with stellar reviews for more than just her power in performance.

Spice's explosive energy caught the attention of the world's leading authority on all things fashion, Vogue. The major fashion house singled out the Like A Man deejay, as the fashion-forward queen of dancehall, and the performer with the most show-stopping look.

"It feels great to be called the Fashion Forward-Queen of Dancehall. It gives me a title that sets a high standard for me, in my books. Over the years, I've always been trying to bring that authentic dancehall fashion to a next level with my colourful wigs and risky dancehall style. Coming from Vogue, it's really a big deal for me," Spice told THE WEEKEND STAR.

high praise

And, Kingsley Cooper, chairman of Pulse Investments, thinks this kind of recognition is a big deal for Spice.

"If she is not the leader, she is certainly one of the very few at the top. This endorsement is high praise from Vogue. One that gives her a responsibility to wear the mantle well," he said.

While Cooper expressed faith in the marketability of 'dancehall style', the mogul believes that local fashion industry players are more focused on being haute couture, rather than embellishing our own culture.

"It is always more important to present one's own style in an authentic way. Invariably, it means more to the market that we present something that's truly original and founded in our culture, than work which reflects the style and mores of others. We have seen that with Biggie (fashion designer), among others. We have a lot to offer in that department, and need to step up our game in that regard. The world is looking to Jamaica for so much. We must deliver," he said.

Cooper also believes that dancehall stars are natural fashion influencers, "especially because they have so many eyeballs focused on them, in this age of new media. This is why we encourage them to develop their own fashion brands. The one caution is that these brands should reflect the freshness and originality of which we speak."

In the article posted on Vogue's website, Deidre Dyer wrote: "Her electrifying stage shows are always kicked up a notch by elaborate bodysuits and a rotation of colourful wigs that recall an early Nicki Minaj."

The Indicator deejay, however, rejected the comparison.

"I've been wearing colour wigs since 1999, from I was wearing synthetic hair. I think I can boldly say I set that trend in dancehall, where girls are wearing bright colour wigs daily. I've been bashed for wearing my blue wig over the years. Now coloured hair is the biggest trend, and no one can take that from me. I contributed to that in dancehall right now," she said.

Still, the entertainer acknowledged that she was influenced by dancehall icons who came before her, including Dancehall Queen Carlene.

"I just took my blue hair along with other colours to a different level," she said.

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