Gospel Spotlight : Jermaine Gordon building on 'You Are God' foundation

August 04, 2017
Contributed Gospel singer Jermaine Gordon

Minister Jermaine Gordon's gospel career has hinged on the continued success of his anthemic song 'You Are God'.

Since its release on his debut album entitled Lord I Surrender (2012), the full-time minister has become a household name despite conducting zero marketing and promotion.

As he still reaps rewards from his debut album, and plans the release of another, the singer is finally in discussion to conduct his first musical tour in October.

"I never did the music for the public. I did it because I wanted to share what I have. I did this with no touring. All of this is the religious work of the Holy Spirit," Gordon told THE WEEKEND STAR. "We did not have a marketing plan. What we had to have was an all-night prayer meeting when the album was finished, and we prayed over it," he said, recalling the specific request to have the album eventually translated into 27 languages.


Song to connect


Though not sure how close he is to accomplishing this feat, the preacher reports that his latest hit, Thine is The Kingdom, is being sung in Spanish and African languages.

"We are sung in Swahili, in countries like Peru, Colombia and other Spanish-speaking countries," he said. Gordon highlighted Nigeria, Ghana, and The Philippines as bases for some of his fans.

"I just had it translated into Mandarin. Perhaps this is the song to connect with the large Chinese community in Jamaica."

Gordon said that much of his feedback comes from social media. Since being uploaded two years ago, the official music video for You Are God is approaching a million views.

"I think it's because most people download it because they want to have it on repeat and have it at their convenience. If that wasn't the case, it probably would have gone past 10 million," Gordon said. "Streaming is new, but you never can tell what can happen, so we're coming up with other ideas. In working towards that, I plan to release three songs before the year is over and take it from there."

Gordon said that he is coming up with 'out of the box' ideas to share his upcoming sophomore album, to be called Get Dressed.

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