A plea for Niko - Chromatic DJ in urgent need for funds

September 16, 2017
Niko Chromatic


In 2015, popular selector Niko Chromatic was diagnosed with renal failure. It wasn't until August 2016, when things took a turn for the worse, that efforts began to raise funds for the deejay's travel to Cuba for treatment. Support was forthcoming in the first three days of Niko's GoFundMe campaign being launched. However, 13 months later, funds raised have not reached the 50 per cent mark of the US50,000 (approximately J$6.5 million) goal.

"In the first three days, the campaign was trending and people were contributing, and after the fourth day, it stopped. [Yesterday], we did a push and it moved, very minimally, but I guess that shows it can pick up again," Kimberly Mais, Niko's girlfriend told THE STAR.

At press time, 271 persons had contributed US$21,930 (approximately J$2.9 million) to the Niko Chromatic Medical Fund, through the crowd-funding website, GoFundMe.

Notnice Records yesterday contributed US$1,000 (approximately, $131,000) to the fund, one of the largest donations since the campaign was launched 13 months ago.

According to Mais, though Niko's team did suggest the hosting of a fund-raising event, none happened.

"I've been hearing that another event, which should include some big names in the industry, is to be done. ... They said a date has been set and that they want to meet to speak further on it. That meeting is yet to take place."

The manager of the Chromatic team declined to comment on the matter yesterday.


First self-branded


Niko co-founded Chromatic Sound along with Creep Chromatic and Ice, who has not been affiliated since 2008. Last July, the sound pulled off their first self-branded live event, where Niko visited the stage, spinning a few tracks for supportive fans. Chromatic is billed to spin at the Pon Di Plaza at Mas Camp next Saturday.

Mais said that she has pulled out all the stops to help get funds for Niko, who has been hospitalised since August 29.

"I'm trying every avenue. I'm desperate," Mais said.

"Cuba is it, in my head. He has contacted another nephrologist and is in dialogue with them in Miami. But the funds we are trying to raise can cover Cuba. I believe in Cuban doctors because I've researched and got feedback. I've read up and see their success rate in the 90s. I don't need more than that," Mais told THE STAR.

... If you want to contribute to the Niko Chromatic Medical Fund

you may visit https://www.gofundme.com/nikochromatic)

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