Music teacher merges dancehall with EDM

September 18, 2017

There are some with aspirations that guide them down unconventional and unforeseen paths. In the case of Andres Lopez, he has evolved into from a piano teacher into a solo instrumentalist, on keytar.

"I'm a pianist, but I just wanted to be different," said the full-time musician and teacher.

A keytar is a relatively lightweight electronic keyboard that is supported by a strap around the neck and shoulders.

Lopez has worked assiduously in the local music industry, offering his skills to reggae and dancehall stars. "I've done many projects. I did couple tracks on Beenie Man's latest album, and some with Alborosie," he told THE STAR.

The pianist has toured with Etana, Anthony B, Fantan Mojah and is currently working with Alborosie.


Established artistes


Lopez has taught at Excelsior Community College. He also taught at Alpha Institute, winners of the Jamaica's Best School Band Competition 2016.

"I was the one who coached them through that competition," he revealed.

Amidst recording and touring with established artistes, teaching music classes and coaching adolescent bands, Lopez made the decision to kick his career into higher gear and become a front-man.

He thought about instruments that could lead like vocalist, and decided against picking up the saxophone. Already well-practised with his hand, "I thought about the keytar." The effect is a mash of electronic dance music (EDM), dancehall suggestive percussive rhythms and a heaping pile of eighties' nostalgia.

"I would say it a little of the eighties, but mixed with the now," Lopez told THE STAR.

"The music is a merge of the dancehall and the EDM sound. I really like it," he said.

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