Gospel Spotlight: Prodigal Son comes bearing gifts

September 22, 2017
Prodigal Son

The gospel faction of the local music industry is primarily viewed as one that rewards its participants and purveyors by the action of encouraging religious enlightenment through ministry. The gospel consumers' takeaway is of the spiritual kind while secular crowds may empty their pockets for branded accoutrements and other merchandise. Prodigal Son believes that he should give back to supporters who have sustained his gospel music career for close to two decades.

The long-time gospel deejay decided to celebrate his 18th year in the business with the release of his sixth studio album called Pure Gold.

"My producer, Danny Brownie, has emptied himself in it," he told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Pure Gold is my victory song, my praise and worship. You should feel empowered when you listen to it; if you hadn't already, you'd want to give your life to the Lord. It's encouragement to people. It's 18 songs for 18 years."

The album features a star-studded features list with contributions from hitmakers like Kevin Downswell, Chevelle Franklyn and Jason Mighty. For the album's launch, Prodigal Son took on an untested method.

"I want to give back to my supporters physically. It's okay to pray for them and support them, but I want to give back tangibly," he said.


The plan is for Prodigal Son to double his album launch with a full-fledged, all-star line-up concert. Like the tracklist, the launch invites the talents of other gospel stars like DJ Nicholas, Ryan Mark, Saiku from Guyana, among others.

"It's gonna be a different kind of party, different concert; and there's going to be a big after party with all the top gospel DJs," Prodigal Son said. Those already booked for the party are DJs Sticko, Rebirth, Marlon Young, Supa, and Chinny.

While presenting the new album, Prodigal Son will be giving away prizes at the concert.

"When you purchase a ticket, you get the Pure Gold CD. Everybody is a winner," he said. "Someone will walk away with Samsung Galaxy S8 Gold; two will get a 150 CG motorcycle each, courtesy of the Bike Gallery. We're also giving the gate prizea gold motor car.

"It's an on-the-spot draw," Brownie told The Weekend Star.

He said that the vehicle, a gold Nissan Note, will be provided by the event's main sponsor, Stepmath Auto. "There are no conditions, just come to the concert," Brownie said.

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