Gyptian goes EDM with 'Closer'

September 22, 2017

In 2010, Gyptian blazed a trail to the Billboard Hot 100 chart global hit song, 'Hold Yuh'. Expressing the desire to 'put his arms right around' his lady love, the song carried far and wide, inviting the remix support of international rap stars. Next week, the lover's rock and roots reggae singer will try to hit again with the release of his latest song, 'Closer'.

Recently, the reggae artiste added his vocals to the internationally collaborative world music song, Live Your Life, a tune that keeps up with the EDM trend. The same goes for his upcoming release, however, to a lesser extent. Slight melodic changes and pauses in the otherwise continuous bass note move the feel of the beat from soca to Afrobeat (or dancehall) in seconds.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, Gyptian revealed that this increased presence is the "beginning of lots of new stuff for the Gyptian brand".

Taking no issue with the international adaptation of dancehall and reggae music into pop music, Gyptian said: "EDM music has proved itself over the years, so, yes, it's here to stay. Jamaica is birthplace for dancehall and reggae, and also EDM. EDM sounds were created by the late sound system kingpin King Tubby."

Still, the artiste maintains his classification as a lover's rock and roots reggae singer.

"Nothing nuh change. Just a more international Gyptian," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Closer is scheduled to be released sometime next week.

"It will be on all digital platform. There will be a music video and an Instagram challenge that will be hosted by popular dancer Renee 6:30, to boost the promotion of Closer, both local and international," Gyptian said.

Hold Yuh, the artiste's mainstream hit, was released in 2010. The song peaked at number 77 on the Billboard Hot 100, No. 16 on the UK Singles Chart, and No. 69 on the Canadian Hot 100. Three years later, the song was certified Gold in the United States by the Recording Industry Association of America .

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