Sidra Stargirl tells fellow artistes to create music videos

September 27, 2017
Sidra Stargirl


Dancehall artiste Sidra Stargirl is celebrating the relative success of her latest record, 'Your Fantasy', which has amassed over 70,000 views in just two weeks on her YouTube Vevo page. Given the buzz of the music video, the artiste is advising fellow acts to put more effort into their video production.

"When fans have billions of options, you must be able to give them a reason why they should look in your direction. A music video can't just be a music video anymore, it has to have something special. I think Your Fantasy has that element," Sidra told THE STAR.

The music video was filmed in Florida. It is set against a woodsy backdrop, where the artiste performs choreographed dance moves with popular dancer Patroy Black Eagle. She also performs seductively on a four-poster bed, in the same woods.

"We are in a social media age so artistes must try to find creative means to get the attention of the people," Sidra said. "Music is not selling like it used to. So good videos can bring in some revenue if persons are streaming from your Vevo channel, so we have to be mindful of that because at the end of the day music is a real business."

Sidra said the video is helping her to connect to a new audience which she hopes will grow.

Sidra Stargirl has performed at Sting, Capleton's St Mary Mi Come From, and Manchester Fiesta, but unforeseen circumstances halted her career for six years.

"My father became very ill and being his primary support at the time, I decided to put my family first. I then moved to the US in 2012, which was another difficult transition in my life. But I knew I would always come back to music. Singing is my gift and my passion and because of the love for the music, I am determined to continue my journey."

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