R-Tadax determined to cross over into global markets

September 28, 2017

Dameon 'R-Tadax' Whyte did not look back when he left Canada in 2010 and returned to Jamaica in order pursue music. In less than two years after quitting his job overseas, R-Tadax received his first radio play with the single, 'Tomartist', which spoke to the music industry, dancehall artistes' behaviours and their lyrics.

"Growing up in a family-oriented space in the community of Boone Hall, Stony Hill, influenced the lyrics of my music," said R-Tadax, who said that aside from vibes, the limited use of inexplicit content is the highlighting feature of his songs.

He said that it was a risky decision to become a full-time entertainer in Jamaica, adding that he used his savings to support his new career path even while being uncertain about the returns he would receive.

"Money from my music may not be earned directly but I have been able to manage from recording dub plates as well as writing songs for persons within the industry," said R-Tadax.

Determined to cross over into global markets, R-Tadax explored pop, jazz and blues and reggae music genres but is now devoted to dancehall. R-Tadax gained recognition in South America where he visited the city of Santiago in Chile, this past summer. While there, R-Tadax shot the music video for Pose, recorded on the Gold Plaque Rhythm, and collaborated with Chilean dancehall artiste Canis Major, aka Jojoman, on a song titled Jiggle.




"It has been a defining moment of my musical journey," he said. Pose was released concurrently with Keep Trying, a single that touches the topic of self-destruction, while the former is a dancing tune dedicated to the ladies.

"Keep Trying was to be a motivational song for persons experiencing hard times and may even consider inflicting harm on themselves. The director, Wade Rhoden, created the actual video concept," said R-Tadax.

"Suicide happens daily and I want my music to restore hope to the hopeless and faith to the faithless, or maybe just inspire a youth that lose faith to carry on instead of hurting himself (or herself)," he continued.

Though thought-inspiring, Pose continues to overshadow in views and downloads due to its upbeat rhythm and colourful scenes. The video features Chilean dancers who were part of a dancehall workshop in the South American country coordinated by Latonya Style.

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