Improve local quality to dominate Billboard Hot 100

October 05, 2017
Main Stone Entertainemtn artiste Vytamin

Main Stone Entertainment believes quality production and properly written songs can make dancehall music a mainstay on the Billboard Hot 100.

Main Stone frontman Adrian Williams said that Jamaican acts have to write good songs and be tight with the production if they want to compete with foreigners on the international charts.

"We are based in Canada, but we are focused on making authentic Jamaican music with a crossover feel. We make a lot of music in Jamaica but at times the artistes don't put enough effort into their work," he said. "People like Drake and Tory Lanez are not from America, neither is Rihanna ... but their level of production and writing is up to a good standard and we can see the results," said.

He said the days of artistes only relying on major labels are gone.

"From the record is good and people are fond of it, then success is inevitable. Countless records have broke in recent times without the backing of big labels. The artistes just need to promote themselves and use social media to their advantage," he said. "Not even radio play is mandatory any more. Don't get me wrong, I think radio is good, but in the time we are living in the Internet opens so many doors. Songs are becoming hits online and then radio catches on."

Main Stone Entertainment recently released a music video for Vytamin's debut single Complicated. Producer of Vytamin's single, veteran deejay Spragga, batted for the record telling THE STAR that even without the backing of a major international label, Complicated can still have chart success internationally.

The video for Complicated was recently launched at A-Bar in Half-Way Tree.

"This is our first artiste and his first project and so this is very special and dear to us. We are, prepared for the journey and, of course, there is fear, but we have structures in place," said Ron Albert, member of the management team.

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