Follow God's words - Gospel acts encourage baptised Magnum Queen

October 14, 2017
Suspense shows her dominance during the clash in May.
Ninja Man (left) commends Suspense on the work she did throughout the competition.
Prodigal Son
Papa San

Lt Stitchie, Papa San, Junior Tucker and Marion Hall (formerly known as Lady Saw) are some of the persons who made the bold switch from being dancehall performers to singing the gospel. The occurrence is not uncommon in the local music industry, but the recent transition of Suspense, this year's Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall female winner, comes mere months after walking away with the crown.

"I am actually writing gospel songs now. I already wrote two songs, and I got one I'm gonna cover. I want the complete change. I don't want to just jump out. I want to feel the way I'm feeling now when I'm singing these songs," she told THE STAR in a recent interview.

In light of this 'good news', THE STAR reached out to gospel music insiders, specifically those who have made a similar lifestyle change, to find out the secret of staying the Christian course.

Unanimously, the insiders concluded that the way to make the transition as seamless as possible is by learning the Word of God.


Knowledge is important


"As one who made the transition, I know the challenges associated with such a move, and it's something I share with young talents: get yourself grounded in the Word. Know who Christ is for yourself, not just based on what pastor says, but on your study of the Word. The tendency is because of popularity, to get them on stage, in studio and have them function in an industry that is no longer conducive to that transition, while maintaining your walk with the Lord," said veteran producer Danny Brownie, who also made the change from secular music to gospel.

Similarly, Papa San said knowledge is important.

"People try to serve God having no knowledge. That's what cause backsliding. Whatever you try to achieve, there must be an understanding of what it is you want to do," Papa San told THE STAR.

"You can't grow as a Christian if you don't know the Word. You'll be spiritually anaemic and weak. You need to feed the spirit. We all have a soul in this body, and it needs spiritual food. The scripture already put everything in place. Like Jesus said, man don't live by bread alone. She needs to find herself a pastor, a good Bible, and Bible study. That's what a lot of people are lacking and why they easily backslide. The Bible is available for every man to use as a measuring stick," he continued.

Prodigal Son celebrates 18 years in the music industry this year. With a Danny Brownie-produced album set for release in one week, the gospel deejay offered similar advice. "She needs to find a Bible-believing church. It won't be easy. Musically, she should make sure she gets to know the God of her salvation before she sings about it. Then I would advise also, to find the right people who are encouraging in the faith. While she make sure that her music is Bible-based, she must stay true to her faith and culture, and don't do what you think is gospel," Prodigal said.

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