Hurricane Irma can't stop BRT - organisers confident new venue will excite patrons

October 17, 2017
Paint is thrown on the partygoers as they move to the sounds of the DJ at the BRT Weekend J'Ouvert Breakfast Party in Atlantic City, New Jersey in July.
Hans Mullings

With only three weeks to go before its fourth and final staging for 2017, organisers of the six-party road trip event, BRT Weekend, are out spreading the word that they have changed venue.

The event, scheduled for November 3 to 5, will be held at Riviera Beach as the damage caused by Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys was too extensive for them to return to the area.

BRT Weekenders, first-timers and diehard supporters alike, hoping to make the trip to the event's chosen beach getaway areas in Key Largo and Islamorado to soak up the wealth of dancehall, soca and reggae music offerings served up by a plethora of DJ's, immediately started making calls and sending emails enquiring about the event.

Organiser Hans Mullings said many persons have been asking about the new location and whether it is better than the Florida Keys.

"I can give you this. It's not the Florida Keys. I don't want to compare it to the Florida Keys. It has its own vibe, it has its own feel to it where it's a different kind of beach and I think the patrons are going to love Riviera Beach for the unique setting ... it has a lot of character," he said.

Mullings, while hoping the team has got word out about the relocation in time, said they have not received any cancellations. In fact, their tickets sales have surpassed that of last year.

"We are really excited and we're really appreciative of the people who believe in our brand and know that because of the circumstances that we couldn't help [but make the change] because of the natural disaster, the hurricane," he said. "They know that we're gonna give them a good product, we're not just gonna put our name just anywhere and we are not just gonna put our patrons in any ol' back a bush, ol' place, ol' hotel, ol' wreck-up beach. We are happy that they're responding well with the move."

Highlighting that none of the known features of the weekend have been sacrificed with the relocation, and with dancehall entertainer Ishawna being promoted on their Instagram page as the hostess for the Friday night bonfire party event V Maui Wowi, Mullings said BRT is adding many things to "spice up the weekend."

The weekend offers six all-inclusive parties: BRT Welcome Party, V Maui Wowi, Xtreme Wet 'n' Wild, BRT Glow Wonderland, Jouvert Breakfast Party and BRT All-White.


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