Straight 'shellings' at Sharkies

October 23, 2017
Agent Sasco had no issues thrilling the audience with songs from his catalogue.
Tommy Lee Sparta
This beautiful fan was quite happy to share lens with Agent Sasco.
Veteran singer Freddie McGregor was there to entertain.
St Ann-based artiste Proghress sings his heart out.
Ann's outfit certainly fit her like a glove.
Shakespeare gave the performance of his life.
Tanto Blacks brought a lot of energy to the stage
St Ann-based dancer Wasp was intrigued by what was happening on stage.
Tanto Blacks brought the children on stage to try out his dance move.
Patrons had to record every bit of the show.

Agent Sasco gave a creditable performance as he had the crowd clamouring for more at the second annual Sharkies Seafood Festival, held recently in Salem, Runaway Bay, St Ann.

Agent Sasco, otherwise called 'Assassin', drew on his experience and vocal and lyrical abilities to please a massive crowd at the venue.

He had the ladies screaming, and the men 'bussing a blank', as he took them through a slew of hits, including Fade Away, Winning Right Now, Hand Inna Di Air, Step Pon Dem and Idiot Ting.

Also giving memorable performances were Big Ship guru Freddie McGregor, who took his fans down memory lane.

Tanto Blacks was his usual energetic self, and he came rushing on to the stage with a 'bag of antics' that aroused the interest of the crowd. The stint on stage was rather comical, but of great entertainment value.

Tommy Lee Sparta, who closed the show, was a crowd favourite. The Sparta Boss had his audience cheering with his every utterance.

There were also performances from St Ann-based acts like Shakespeare and Proverbs.

Meanwhile, promoter of the event, Alwyn Brown, was pleased with the event.

"This is a great day in Salem, Runaway, as Sharkies Seafood Festival was a success with a huge crowd and a great stage show. I was satisfied with the overall production patrons were pleased, and the event was profitable."

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