Munga stays positive - artiste upbeat despite murder charge

October 31, 2017
Munga Honorebel

In the midst of preparations to celebrate his birthday in St Mary on June 11, recording artiste Munga had to deal with what might be his most difficult test.

Instead of performing on a stage or sharing a drink with friends, the artiste spent his 'earthstrong' behind bars at the Hunts Bay Police Station.

Munga was charged with murder in May.

Although Munga recognises that numerous artistes have continued careers through long prison sentences or when contesting charges, he is humbled by the experiences.

But he has voiced that it is not an ordeal that he wants to endure.

"Mi nuh really waan discuss that (the ordeal), it is a moment inna mi life mi woulda waan pass quickly and mi figet bout it. But I feel positive and I'm looking and moving in that positive direction in every way," Munga told THE STAR.

Munga, who has released post-arrest tracks, maintains that he is innocent and encourages persons to listen to singles like Situations.

Speaking to how he feels about the entire affliction and having learnt that even the innocent get into tough situations, Munga chants: "Want lock me up a station, charges and accusations, questions and interrogation, pending an investigation. Want mash up mi meditation, try spoil mi reputation; get threats and intimidation a suh dem do to every great man."

The song was released in July, approximately one month after he received bail on June 23.

When asked if he has been more secluded recently, Munga said: "In a time like this, we need people."




He said his darkest moment was not knowing "How my children and parents might have felt ... because that (family and the love of his mother and grandmother) is the basis of my life."

He said his three children are old enough to understand some of what is going on, but he has made it his duty to encourage positive thinking in their development.

"I definitely teach my children or try to teach them to live. The key is to live, that four letter word has a wide meaning," Munga said. "Even right now I have to remind myself to live because it could have been a situation where they make it overwhelming and mi caan operate, it's not only physical, it is also mental. That's where the focus now returns to music."

The entertainer said he is available for shows "as the aim is to get done with this (the case) and forget about it and not dwell on the situation."

The artiste, his management and production team are working on releasing a few tracks this November.

He expressed his appreciation for the well wishes and prayers.

"Give thanks for the good wishes and the prayers. To any of the fellow artistes going through the same, as my granny woulda say it may be long but not forever, freedom is a must."

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