YUSH! - The Sabina Park invasion

December 27, 2017
This couple, Sheena Woodbur and Duane Kildare, coordinated in black and white for Yush 2017.
From left: Carlington Wellington, Christal Gayle, Christopher Gayle, Orville Morgan, Roxanne Smith and Damian Darby squeeze in for a photo at Yush 2017.
A partial view of the thousands that flocked Sabina Park for Yush 2017.
Yush was the place for these winning twins, Jodiann (left) and Jodine Campbell.
Sable-Joy McLaren dances up a storm at Yush 2017.
From left: Chanelle Campbell, Brittany Williams, Lexie Royal and Treya Picking are all smiles at Yush 2017.
VIP Patrons looking boasy inside Yush 2017.
Thasheca Thompson and Ayshea Smith stand out in white on the dancefloor at Yush 2017.
Craig of Voicemail hits the streets with Nicky B for Christmas Eve.
Patrons step on to the dancefloor at Yush 2017.
Shorn Hector/Photographer Agent Sasco and wife, Nicole McLaren Campbell stop at Yush for a pre-Christmas turn up.
Model, Tiffany is dressed for the 90s in velvet pants and converse at Yush 2017.
Nick Lue of Skunknation gets caught on camera at Yush 2017.

If you were looking for an event to party into Christmas morning, then Yush would have been the one to be at. For the first time, the event was held at Sabina Park, and it was probably the best decision the promoters could have made as thousands flocked the venue.

The solid line-up, which included Bass Odyssey, Silver Hawk Sound, Coppershot and DJ Nicco, kept the patrons entertained by spinning hits from the '90s into early 2000s. The selectors stuck to the party slogan of 'no long talking' and focused on treating the patrons musically.

And although the artistes did not grace the stage, quite a few were present in the VIP section enjoying the energy. Those present included Agent Sasco, Voicemail's Craig, Nicky B, and Kalado. Dancehall music ruled the night as persons were seen and heard at full volume when '90s hits like Nadine Sutherland's Action, a mix of Chaka Demus and Pliers' Murder She Wrote, and Beenie Man's World Dance were played. Check out some highlights from Yush.

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