Jada Kingdom promotes body love

December 28, 2017
Jada Kingdom
Jada Kingdom
Jada Kingdom

Despite many questions being raised about her physique, Love Situations artiste Jada Kingdom said she will not be distracted by the negative commentary.

Kingdom, 19, boasts a shapely figure which many persons have suggested to be the result of surgical body enhancements. She has denied those allegations even as she urge others to be comfortable in their own skin.

“Most young people are too focused on social media, and how we think we should look and act for the public. I strive to be my best for myself in everything I do, whether its music, how I dress or talk. Everything is all me, raw and untouched,” Kingdom told The STAR.

“I love my body, I love the fact that my legs touch, that my skin is uneven as well as my cellulite, all that society traditionally deem as flaws,” Kingdom said.

“I don’t try to impress or please the negative crowd. If they say my legs are too thick, I’m not going to react to that negativity and go get liposuction just to please them,” she added.

Part of what makes Kingdom attractive is that raw attitude and fearlessness. 

“I think the majority of us fail to understand how important, how necessary, confidence is. Everyday girls and boys are getting bullied because of how they look and act,” she said.

The singer has taken to social media a few times to speak her mind against comments that she is a fake and even comments that her body is not attractive due to its size.

“You have to be confident in everything you do and just saying it won’t help. So here’s what I do; I get up every morning and try to please myself even more. I don’t get up and live for him or her, I’m living for me.”

“I also have confidence in my voice and my talent, so when people come to me with negative vibes it doesn’t faze me because my confidence helps me to be strong. Young girls should look inside themselves and see that they are beautiful no matter what,” she added.

The recording artiste released a new production on YouTube, Unwanted on Christmas Eve, which has maintained its rank at  #2 on trending YouTube videos for two days. The video ranked below G-Eazy’s No Limit hip hop remix with Cardi B, French Montana, Juicy J and A$AP Rocky and above Kendrick Lamar’s Love.

“I am super humbled at the fact that people are listening to my music and watching the video, it’s such a warm feeling and I appreciate it. I am so glad that people are accepting my art for what it is,” Kingdom said.


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