Visit to Jamaica inspired Sting's hit song

January 05, 2018
From left: Sting, Shaggy and Tracy Bufferd (Sting's publicist) have a laugh during a press meeting at Ian Fleming International Airport.
Sting (left) and Shaggy during press meeting at the Ian Fleming International Airport.
On arrival at the Ian Fleming International Airport, (from left) legendary performing artiste Sting, Claude Service (airport staff member) and Shaggy take a picture.

Despite having a massive career that has spanned many decades, international singer Sting believes he owes quite a bit of his success to Jamaica.

"There's a certain debt I have to pay to this island because of its influences in my music," Sting told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The English singer, musician and actor recalled that he wrote one of his biggest hits, Every Breath You Take, while in Jamaica.

"I wrote it in St Ann, while at Golden Eye. The song was fully inspired by being here, and that's been something that makes me want to give back to the island, and I have always hoped to be able to do it," he said.

But that is not his only memory of Jamaica, as he did Another Pyramid with Sly and Robbie for an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. It was one of two songs the other being Love Changes Everything.

The opportunity never showed itself for the rock and roll legend to perform on the island before now. The same story goes for collaborating with Shaggy, even though they have performed on stage together in Antwerp in 2004.

"I'm really grateful to Shaggy for giving me the opportunity, not only to do the show, but, also, I know what he does for this hospital, and I admire him greatly," Sting said




Sting arrived at the Ian Fleming International Airport yesterday evening prepared to go straight into rehearsals. But he was more nostalgic when he said, "I am dying to see Golden Eye."

Meanwhile, Shaggy told THE WEEKEND STAR that "Rehearsals begin tomorrow, but we have done a lot of work already with me already being with the band here. We have the music down, but Sting will come in and make key changes here and there to make it different."

The two artistes did not share much about their plans for the show, but Sting said: "I am a lover of dancehall, when I hear the music, I just want to move to it." Shaggy then chimed in, saying: "It is likely I will put him on stage with Ding Dong because man shoulder fi a fling."

Apart from tomorrow's staging of the Shaggy and Friends Concert on the lawns of Jamaica House, Sting will also be working with Shaggy on various productions the first being a reggae single titled, Don't Make Me Wait.

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