Gospel Spotlight: Garfield Reid balances full-time job and music

February 23, 2018
Garfield Reid

Balancing a full-time job while trying to make it big in the music business is a challenge. While working for a general insurance company, Garfield Reid has been working assiduously to develop his gospel music career.

"Sometimes it's difficult. You have those things that you need to do during the day. There are times I would use my vacation days and personal days to do music-related business," Reid told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Though he claims to have had an affinity for music since the age of five, he didn't begin his professional pursuit of the creative career until 2005 when he was 22.




"At the time, Minister Blessed was doing a song called The Lord He Reigns, and he invited me to be on the song," Reid said. Though initially reluctant, he said that Minister Blessed pushed him, and he hasn't looked back since.

In 2007, Reid entered the JCDC Gospel Song Competition and won with his song called Sign of the Times. This led to a series of performances, from government events to secular festivals.

"Winning that competition took me ministering across Jamaica at major gospel concerts, and even some secular ones. There was a concert called Nyammings and Jammings. I was on Genesis, which used to be held at the National Stadium there I was a staple for a couple of years. I performed at Mello-Go-Roun' in 2007," he said.

And even with what was becoming a hectic musica schedule, Reid continued to strike the balance between having a nine-to-five job and making music. He also managed to produce and release his debut album in 2010 called Survival, featuring popular gospel artistes DJ Nicholas and Goddy Goddy.

Since then, the moonlighting gospel artiste released two other singles in 2016 called A Prayer Away and Dance. Both appeared on a compilation gospel album called The Spirit Scription.

Though Reid has no solid plans for his follow-up album, this year promises new music along with a different sound.

On January 19, the singer released Who You Are, his first of three singles for the year.

"It's on the airwaves and has been getting rave reviews. It's a worship song that evokes emotions and makes you want to worship, and the words are powerful. That's the feedback I've received," Reid told THE WEEKEND STAR.

In the summer, fans of Reid are to expect a more up-tempo song, and later on in the year, he plans to do a reggae love song. "The love song is just for my wife. I am a dedicated gospel artiste. Gospel is who I am, gospel is what I do," he said.

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