Women take limelight at Lipstick & Heels

March 01, 2018
Dancehall artiste Quali Tee, took on hosting duties.
Dancer DaniiBoo
Dolly Body had everyone looking when she went on her headtop.
Kerry created a stir in her sassy dress.
DaniiBoo dances up a storm.
Misty left very little to the imagination in her mesh outfit.
Unique Jenz was all smiles.
It is obvious that she was lost in the music.
This hottie made a statement in her ripped shorts.
Promoter Fidel Sutherland (third left) hangs with other patrons.

When dancehall artiste Quali Tee hosted a party called 'Lipstick and Heels' it seemed like the perfect opportunity for women to come out wearing their sexiest outfits.

Quali Tee made headlines last year when she wore a police uniform in Alkaline's Afterall music video.

But when she held the event at 17 Studio One Boulevard in St Andrew last Friday, she had to share the limelight with dancers DaniiBoo and Dolly Body. Both dancers created a stir near the climax of the event with heavy gyrations and splits.

DaniiBoo is currently promoting a dance song, titled Bounce Suh, which was sang by Pamputtae and produced by Pondispot and Esco.

Here are highlights from the event.

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