Dancers' Paradise: Dance instructors push fitness for carnival

March 09, 2018
Participants are sure to learn many dance moves at Karnival Kountdown.
From left: Anna Kay Edwards and Christina Pinkney, dance instructors of Karnival Kountdown.
Anna Kay Edwards shows off her fitness.
Christina Pinkney, dance instructor and educator, guides participants through their workout.
Herbalife Nutrition products offered to Karnival Kountdown participants.

Female fitness duo Christina Pinkney and Anna Kay Edwards say that one hour of dance workout can do amazing things for the body.

Both have been dance instructors for more than a decade but only met each other six months ago. This encounter led the two to design a simplified yet defining workout programme for the carnival period Karnival Kountdown.

"The programme is unique because we explore all different forms of dance and music," Pinkney said.

Dancers' Paradise attended last week's Karnival Kountdown session, and 30 minutes into the workout with the instructors, persons were feeling as if significant number of calories had been burnt.

The routine is a combination of dance aerobics, Zumba, Wukup, Pilloxing (a combination of Pilates and boxing) and dancehall.

Participants are challenged to learn on-the-spot dance choreographies and keep up with each move demonstrated by Pinkney and Edwards.

The chemistry between the dancers is infectious coordinating each routine whether at the same time or by taking turns.

Edwards is the brand owner of year-old Sanity Dance Fitness, but she has been practising dance fitness for three years. She said that it takes no special talent, only curiosity and a strong will to make the first move.

"Other dance forms like Wukup are utilised to keep persons intrigued. It not only exposes the individual to new movements, but a whole new culture," Edwards said.

Wukup is rooted in African dance tradition and practised in other Caribbean islands like Barbados. she said "it forces the body to isolate the limbs and the hips, not just wine".

Although other musical genres are played, soca remains the core, and quite possibly, participants will learn new songs for the season.

The workout session takes place at the Dance Xpressions Studio at Millbrook Plaza in St Andrew, and attracts as much as 30 participants every Saturday.

It is already five weeks into the programme, but participants have expressed their interest in continuing after the soca season.

Through Karnival Kountdown, both dance instructors have created a body transformation challenge for the participants.

"It is not only about weight loss, but weight gain for persons who want to have a bigger booty," Pinkney said.

Wellness evaluations and free meal plans are also provided. Each session costs $1,000 and includes a healthy smoothie, courtesy of Herbalife Nutrition.

The classes continue this week under the theme 'soca versus dancehall'.

"Music from the '90s to present will be used to create different routines for a fun, fit and intense sweat party," Pinkney said.

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