KC fans threw out Shenseea - artistes remember Champs adventures

March 24, 2018
Ding Dong

Artistes remember Champs adventures

Six years ago, dancehall princess Shenseea was removed from the stands by a group of Kingston College (KC) supporters during the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA)/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships.

The Nothing Dem Nuh Have Ova Mi singjay said that she did not know people took Champs seriously until that incident.

"The group of men rushed me, lifted me up, and brought me out of the KC section," Shenseea told The STAR.

The mistake that Shenseea made was wearing the colours of the all-boys' school's main competitor, Calabar High School.

"I was dressed in green and black from head to toe. Being the person I am, who always feels like I can do whatever I want, I went directly to the rival section to take a seat because there was too much sun in the Calabar section," she said.

Shenseea said that despite being embarrassed by the situation, it was still very funny as her first and favourite Champs experience.

"Calabar athletes are very brave and bold. I love their fight and determination to win. That's just how I am -, 'The Utmost for the Highest'," she said, reciting the school's motto.

It could be the busy music careers or just that the Champs fire burns out after graduating high school for many, but Shenseea said that she has not been able to follow up with the happenings.

Ravers Clavers frontman and campaign ambassador for the Grace brand, Ding Dong, said that although he does not follow up with Champs, his involvement is inevitable.

Ding Dong said, "Since GraceKennedy is the title sponsor and I am an ambassador for the brand, I get to be involved somehow. However, I don't support any specific school for Champs. I just like to see the schools represent well and how much the fans love it."

For the dancehall deejay, before he started his dancing career, the Champs season was not about the excitement, but a time to hustle.

"As a ghetto youth, I was always hustling during Champs season to make money to help support my family. It was always somewhat of a roll call for me. That excitement meant I was gonna make some money," he said.

Govana, on the other hand, told The STAR, "As a student, stadium could not me miss on the Friday and Saturday."

The St George's College past student said one memory stands out for him.

"Only thing I can remember as a Georgian is Tesfa Latty winning the 100m Class One in 2003. I think it was a record," he said.

The artistes all expressed wishes for an injury-free Champs and that the athletes, along with their supporters, would enjoy the activities.

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