Spice to launch foundation to empower women

April 20, 2018
Dancehall artiste Spice

After 18 years as Spice, the dancehall artiste and songwriter has decided to bring Grace Hamilton - the mother and social advocate - to the fore.

In a social media post, Spice announced that she has aspired to start the Grace Hamilton Women Empowerment Foundation.

"I want to separate the Grace Hamilton foundation totally from Spice," she told The STAR.

Spice has no plans of aligning any music with the foundation at this time.

"I believe a lot of us women are going through a lot. we put on a mask, smile every day, and no one really knows what we are going through," she said.

The fan-proclaimed queen of dancehall says the idea to start a foundation was birthed after women reached out to her one day when she was feeling down.

She said, "People look up to me as being strong, but I'm only human. I, myself, go through a lot, so when I posted that I was sad that day, it was so shocking to most people that the post went viral cause they are used to me being happy and full of excitement with my stage antics and performances," Spice said.

She continued: "I heard some horror stories, and I think I can provide opportunities or even a platform that can help a lot of young women in today's society."

The foundation is designed to uplift young women and push them towards success despite life's obstacles.

The launch is set to happen at Eden Gardens next month, where Miss Universe 2017 second runner-up Davina Bennett and Miss World 1993 and Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna are confirmed as guest speakers.

The mission, Spice says, is to go as far as visiting homes to talk with young women to encourage them despite their situation.

She said, "I am also hoping to help students in college and single mothers who are struggling financially to send kids to school."

Spice said that she and her team will help in any way possible to make a difference.

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