Govana, Jada Kingdom deny dating rumours

April 28, 2018
Jada Kingdom

Govana and Jada Kingdom have denied any relationship outside that of their love for music. Fans of both recording artistes have been commenting on their social media pages since the 'Love Situations' singjay posted a photo with Govana's arms around her earlier this week.

The deejay told The STAR that he and Jada Kingdom are musical friends, but due to his reputation, and more significantly the lyrics of his single Gyal Thief, persons may assume his intentions go far beyond creating hits with her.

"You know me name 'gyal thief' so from the fans see me around a female them a guh talk. However , I keep relations out of the music industry and avoid the mix-up, remember national don't do mix-up," Govana said.

Jada Kingdom further refuted the claims of any relationship with Govana and said that she wants fans to focus on the music referring to their recently released Better Than That collaboration.

"There is nothing deeper than friendship, [Govana] a mi bredrin that fi life! For once, please let the music prevail, concentrate on the musical energy. There's no salacious gossip or mix-up behind it," said Jada Kingdom.

The single, which hit YouTube on Thursday evening, quickly attracted over 50,000 views and the No. 3 trending spot. Better Than That produced by Emudio Records, who also worked on Gyal Clown and Aidonia's Yeah Yeah, speaks about the typical man and woman problems, but the vocals of Govana complements Jada Kingdom's unique flow.




Govana uses a softer tone than he is known for on tracks like Breeze and Bake Bean and says that with music about day-to-day living, he chose a topic that was relatable to both sexes and the vocals followed.

"I like Jada Kingdom's writing skills so I just sent her the demo and she wrote her verse," said Govana.

He continued: "After finishing the first verse and chorus, I just felt that a female voice was needed to respond to the things I said to basically defend the ladies."

"The whole collab just happened naturally; it just seemed like the natural thing to do as we have been friends for a while as well as admired each other's creativity and approach to our craft," added Jada Kingdom.

The promising young artistes are currently finalising the concept for the Better Than That music video.

The artistes are enjoying the new-found attention, but are focused on creating new music that will have fans talking things that are better than rumours.

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