Musician chases stolen car - Pleads for return of equipment

April 30, 2018
Dario Morgan with one of his guitars that was stolen by criminals.

Dario Morgan, a guitarist who has worked with the likes of Romain Virgo and Tony Rebel, is in distress after his car, which contained several pieces of important equipment, was stolen on Thursday.

The 30-year-old musician told THE STAR that he was having lunch at a restaurant in the Hughenden Plaza in St Andrew when he observed his vehicle, a beige 2000 Toyota Corolla, pulling out of the parking lot opposite the plaza.

"The incident was noticed by another customer having lunch, and we gave chase to no avail," Morgan said.

He says that the thieves took the car along Molynes Road in the direction of Hughenden and Queensbury. The matter was reported to the Constant Spring Police.

The musician is worried that he will not get back the tools of his trade that were in the trunk of the car. The instruments include a large black double guitar case with two left-hand custom-made guitars (one bright green and the other brown), a laptop, a music stand, an audio interface and in-ear monitors.

"The car is the least. These items are very important for my job as a musician and are easily identified by the whole music industry as mine, so it makes no sense attempting to sell them," he said. "I would appreciate the return of my equipment, even if nothing else," Morgan.

According to Morgan, the video footage captured from a security camera on the premises shows that at 4:28 p.m., two men emerged from a sedan in the parking lot, and minutes later, one drove off in his Toyota Corolla.

The licence plate of Morgan's vehicle is 4750 ER. He is pleading to the public to call 119 or contact the Constant Spring Police Station if they have any information leading to the recovery of the vehicle or its contents.

The guitarist is currently off the island performing at a show. He has had to resort to using an older instrument.

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